Steve's 'message builder' needs to be live in both Revit 2019 and 2020

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Lynda Thompson

The new message builder needs to appear in Revit 2019 as well, at the moment it's only in 2020.


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Andy Ward

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Andy Ward

Status changed to: In progress


Kay Rogage

The msi currently on the downloads page isn't pointing to the latest revit add-in: preview.xbim.net/download-addin/

The develop versions of the plug-ins need changing from develop to live and linked to the download page.

Andy Ward

OK. Sounds like you have an old version of Revit2019 Addin installed. Remember you need to install a new version of the addin for each version of Revit you have installed.

You can check the version from the 'About' menu on the Flex menu in Revit