Revit Add-in and create Flex message aren't making clear what recipient is going to get and experience

Lynda Thompson

Watching a couple of people walk through using the Add-In and creating a Flex message it's clear they're not sure what the recipient is going to see and what they’re going to be able to do with what they receive (can they only view things, can they download and save them, can they open them up and do something with them?). So it's clearer when they actually see the message or if they send it to themself, but we could improve the messaging in the Add-In and in Flex (userflow?).


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Kay Rogage

In the Revit Step By Step Guide the text for Step 5 should be changed to:
You are now ready to create your draft Flex message. Click the New Message Button. This will generate all your message content and launch the draft Flex message in your browser. You can cancel the draft at anytime or add a message subject, body, select recipients and send.
What you will see in your browser is what the message recipient will see. They will be able to view and navigate the model without needing specialist software, take snapshots of the model to attach to replies and follow-on messages, click plans, elevations, sections and schedules and view them in the context of the model and they'll also be able to download schedule data.